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Enter the museum and beat this challenge

Keep your eye wide open and discover the hidden information

Win prizes that you can use immediately!
In the last row of the FC Porto bus you can sit next to an iconic blue and white defender.
What’s his jersey number?
Sitting in the changing room is a charismatic captain who made history at the club as a player and beyond.
What’s his jersey number?
At the end of the visit there is a statue of a player who scored one of the club’s most historic goals.
What’s his jersey number?

What shall you do with these 3 answers?

  • Walk 75 meters to Exit Games Dragão located next to the museum, to the P2 stadium parking and right in front of the metro station
  • Open the safe with your riddle answers
  • Win discount vouchers valued from 5.50 to 8.90 to use on the escape rooms in the stadium

Simply one of the most fun and popular activities to do with your friends and family

Imagine an adventure where you and your friends and family are physically locked in a room from where you will have to escape in less than 60 minutes!

And now you can experience this at Dragão stadium with the pionering company in Porto, Porto Exit Games!

Cyber Cube

You and your technical team will be inside the CyberCube where one of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligences resides.

You will have to show that you are able to overcome the A.I.’s challenges and, if you survive, maybe be admitted as the club’s new coaches.

Dark Cube

The Dark Cube is a sensory maximization center where you’ll put your skills to the test in a very peculiar type of challenge…

Can you escape in total darkness in less than 60 minutes?

How to open the vault at Exit Games Dragão?

You will have to go to the facilities of Exit Games Dragão that are next to the P2 of the Stadium, that is, in front of the metro station.

If the door of the Exit Games is closed you should call +351 911 587 851 and someone will come to you at the door. Open every day from 10am-10pm 🙂

Campaign conditions

– The discount can be enjoyed up to 14 days after the date of the FC Porto Tour ticket;
– It is mandatory to present the ticket with a visible date on the day of the match;
– The presentation of the FC Porto Tour ticket allows the discount of 10% of the total value of 1 game (2-6 people) in the Exit Games Dragão;
– Only a maximum of 1 ticket can be used for each game booked;
– Discount not cumulative with other campaigns in force.

Porto Exit Games reserves the right to deny application of the discount to all groups that have completed the reservation under this campaign and do not present the valid visit ticket of the FC Porto Tour and the result of the enigma.

How to take advantage of the discount

Each visitor of the FC Porto Tour who successfully completes the challenge and presents 1 FC Porto Tour ticket valid for the campaign, will have 10% discount of the total of one game (2-6 pax) in the Dragon Exit Games.

If the group has more than 1 ticket of the FC Porto Tour in the valid conditions, the discount can be enjoyed in more than 1 game of the Exit Games Dragão (not necessarily having to be on the same date or time).

What is the value of the discounts?

The discount is 10% of the total value of 1 game, so it varies depending on the number of participants per game group, that is:

Group of 2 players: €5.50
Group of 3 players: €5.90
Group of 4 players: €6.90
Group of 5 players: €7.90
Group of 6 players: €8.90

Take advantage of this super opportunity to experience the most innovative games in the city

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