COVID 19 - Additional Security Measures

Toda a Equipa se preocupa com a vossa receção e participação em segurança.



Everyone on our premises wears a mask!

Sanitizing hands

We have several hand sanitizers at the reception and inside the games so you can always wash your hands whenever you want.

Surface cleaning

After each game our staff sanitizes the playing surfaces.

Air renewal

Air conditioning's no use! In all our games we have windows for the outside and after each game we open them for total air renovation!

Spacing between bookings

We have also changed our booking policy so that there are no cross-groups.

Internal procedures and external audits

The entire team is trained to comply with all procedures and we also count on the collaboration of external entities to audit our procedures.

Doubts? Talk to us

We are sure that you can have fun safely in our facilities and we wait for your visit!